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Kim on the Issues

Kim's top priority is a comprehensive national security agenda

Border Security

Without a properly secured and regulated border, we don’t have a country. Over 10 million people have entered our country illegally under the Biden administration, with over 3500 Chinese nationals during the month of May.

Our intelligence community has indicated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be facilitating the entry of potential nefarious actors into the U.S., under the guise of asylum.

The CCP is also behind the importation of Fentanyl, which is a a form of bio-terrorism. The open borders have also provided the opportunity for cartels and other bad actors to force women and children into sex trafficking and involuntary servitude, which is a humanitarian issue. Unfortunately, by not securing our border, the U.S. Government is facilitating this activity.

• I believe we should immediately seal the southern border and implement a process to expel all individuals, who entered our country illegally.

• I believe our National Guard should be assigned to the southern border to ensure our borders are protected from invasion, until the border fence can be completed.

• I believe we should suspend entry for foreign nationals into the U.S., until a proper vetting mechanism is in-place.

• I believe we should immediately re-implement President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and suspend any/all foreign aid to countries who facilitate the travel.

• I believe we should indefinitely suspend all U.S. land purchase by China or other foreign entities, until a comprehensive review can be conducted.

Debt & Spending

We’re over $35 Trillion in debt and are borrowing $100,000 per second to pay the interest on the debt. To date, we’ve sent over $170 Billion to Ukraine, and the administration just approved sending additional money to support Ukraine, over the next ten years.

• I believe social security should be preserved for U.S. Citizens and we should advocate for taxpayer dollars to be spent on U.S. interests, instead of foreign protectionism.

• I do not support any additional money being sent to fund proxy-wars in Ukraine or other places, and believe ALL money should be accounted for and open for review by the American people.

• I support single subject bills and a line-by-line review of the federal budget.

• I believe we must get back to pre-pandemic spending.

• I support the reduction of burdensome regulations that hinder American progression.

• I support market competition in the healthcare market and support protection of healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Election Security

The American people have lost faith in our elections and many no longer believe their vote counts. We must have transparency in our elections, without exception. There should be no more delegation of our election processes to unaccountable, non-governmental entities that are not subject to Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA) and there should be equal access to sensitive election records, such as voter rolls, voter history, poll books and vote tallies.

• I support single-day elections, mandatory government issued ID, and paper ballots with citizens hand-counting locally in their precincts.

• I support making Election Day a national holiday.

Abuse of the Judicial System

Many things we’ve seen happen under this administration don’t make sense. Our judicial system has been weaponized and we no longer see equal application under the law. This has led to a loss of faith and trust in our justice system. There’s a reason Lady Justice wears a blindfold - Justice must be blind to external influences and be guided solely by the principles of law and fairness.

• I will work to root out corruption and reinstitute faith in our justice system.

• I will work to reform and rebuild trust in our Intelligence Agencies and the FBI.

Restore American Energy Independence

Energy independence is a matter of National Security. It’s essential that we unleash the full potential of the United States energy production and once again become a net energy exporter.

• I support immediately reopening the Keystone Pipeline.

• I believe in utilizing all domestic energy sources including oil and natural gas, as well as renewables.

Strengthen Our Infrastructure

A hardened infrastructure is a matter of National Security. We focus on creating non-racist highways and electric charging stations, instead of focusing on strengthening our electric grid and assuring our power sources are protected from a potential terrorist attack or natural disaster. I support investment in strengthening our infrastructure and our electric grid to protect the American people.

US Based Manufacturing/Supply Chain

If Covid taught us anything, it was that being self-sufficient as a country is a matter of National Security. It’s important that we invest in bringing manufacturing back to America and invest in American pharmaceutical production.

In Congress, I will support President Trump’s America First policies and will always advocate for investment in America First.

Pro Life

Pro Second Amendment

Pro Police/Law Enforcement

Protecting the First Amendment


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